Real Life People. My Heros. Our Stories. Wear It.

Being a hero isn’t always about saving people from life-threatening situations. Heroes are simply role models for others that bring hope. These are my heroes and I strive to be a hero to someone every day. If my story can help someone at a crossroads in his or her life, that’s what SURIVE AND THRIVE is about. SURVIVEANDTHRIVE.COM offers an avenue to share experiences and stories that can help individuals refocus their lives when times get tough, find inner strength, and move forward in a more rewarding daily life while providing others a source of inspiration to those who they may or may not know to SURVIVE AND THRIVE! Here’s my story.

The thought of starting a clothing line for every survivor of every travesty big or small that we encounter and walk away a better person because of. We fall, we crawl and we get back on our feet, never looking back other than to share the gratitude of having survived. Then we thrive. Survive and Thrive and I’m Corina Diehl. My story is a long one filled with tragic events that have formed who and what I am. I can honestly tell you that through it all it’s made me, stronger, better and more thankful for the journey life brings daily.